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Subnovii Plasma Pen

Introducing Subnovii, a non-invasive treatment that delivers surgical like results. Allure Infinite Beauty is thrilled to offer Advanced Plasma technology, including unmatched LF+ Technology. Plasma technology is the exciting new treatment taking the aesthetic market by storm. With a variation of devices on the market, we took time to extensively research the treatment, most specifically as it relates to the device delivering the treatment. Our first priority is the safety of our clients, in tandem with best in class results. We are excited to offer Subnovii, an Advanced Plasma technology that employs LF+ Technology, unlike other devices.


So what exactly does a Subnovii Plasma treatment entail? It effectively takes advantage of the fine layer of ionized gas, or plasma, that exists along the surface of your skin. Plasma devices emit energy that instantly sublimates a precise spot on the skin area. A sealed wound is created and shock delivered to the tissue below to stimulate fibroblast activity which stimulates collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. The tip of the plasma device never actually touches the skin but it's the power of molecular physics that gives this treatment its magic. Contact Allure Infinite Beauty today, to schedule your plasma consultation and uncover how we can help you obtain the results you're looking for.

SUBNOVII (4).png

Pricing Per Area


Brow Lift

Frown Lines & Bunny Lines

(between eyes & ridge of nose)

Upper Eyelids

Lower Eyelids

Crow's Feet

Nasolabial Lines

Upper Lip

Lower Lip

Marionette Lines

















Combo Areas

Eye Area

Includes: Upper & Lower Eyelids, Crow's Feet, Frown Lines & Bunny Lines, and Brow Lift.

Mouth Area

Includes: Nasolabial Lines, Upper & Lower Lip, Marionette Lines, and Chin.

Jowl & Mini Face Lift

Includes: Jowls, Tragus (Ear), Jawline, and Cheeks.

Full Face

Includes: All areas listed except for Neck.








Add Forehead to any combo

Add Neck to Full Face





Second treatment on same area if needed is available 8-12 weeks after initial treatment at 30% reduced cost.

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