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Laser Hair Removal

Let’s talk hair removal! Some days I feel like I’m on repeat answering the same questions everyday about laser hair removal. Which I love, because it’s apparent how many people are in need of some hair removal!

So let’s start with the cons.... it’s so addictive!! Once you start the process and you get those amazing results you will want to treat all those unwanted hairy places!

We will need to do at least 6 treatments, spaced 4-8 weeks apart, depending on area. You will need to shave the area before your treatment. The hairs that are treated with the laser will start to shed a few days after your treatment and then a new cycle of growth will start to come in a few weeks later, just in time for your next treatment. 

Another good thing to know is that laser hair removal will only work on dark hairs. The color in your hair is the target for the laser. If your hairs are blonde, red or grey we will most likely need to switch you over to electrolysis (don’t worry, we do that also!)

Also know that you will need touch ups throughout your lifetime. This is due to new follicles becoming active and producing hairs that may have not been growing at the time of your previous appointments. New follicle growth is usually due to extreme hormonal changes. But can occur naturally due to the nature of how hairs grow. 

We offer laser for life! When you purchase a package of laser treatments you will receive one free treatment a year!

I have yet to meet a client that got laser hair removal and ended up regretting it. We hear all day long, “This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!” 

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